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How to create a content calendar


If you are juggling many balls in the air, like a blog, ebooks, family, day job, etc. then you are in need of a content calendar to keep it all together.

content calendar

There is limited time in the day when you can spend strategizing, collecting content, creating content and distributing content. A content calendar will help you organize your priorities and keep you focused. Plan ahead according to the season, product releases, events, holidays, etc.

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Complete Guide to Twitter Chats – Part 2


Twitter chats are the best way to optimize your time on Twitter. Read Part 1 of the series so you understand:

  • what is a Twitter chat
  • how to properly engage in a Twitter chat
  • how to create your own Twitter chat

If you have read Part 1, then you are most definitely ready to join in a chat. Below is a robust list of Twitter chats pertaining to social media/marketing and blogging.

Twitter chats

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Complete Guide to Twitter Chats – Part 1


If you are a blogger you are most likely on Twitter whether you are in marketing, travel, food, literature, software, etc. Twitter chats have proven to be useful for bloggers in order to share information, learn from experts and peers, promote articles, promote ebooks, meet like minded people and build relationships.

As a blogger you need to stay on top of social media conversations especially those on Twitter. Twitter can be quite a time suck if you are checking in regularly and not giving yourself a time limit.

The best way to utilize your time on Twitter is to join Twitter chats. The relationships built from chats may prove to be stronger than typical chit chat on Twitter, so give it a shot.


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The 8 Reasons Why Bloggers Need to Create Free Ebooks


Starting a blog and committing to it requires a mix of foresight, passion and interest in sharing ideas with others. Blogs contain an abundance of valuable content that is not always easily found when navigating through them. That is were ebooks come in. Bloggers should create free ebooks for their readers for many reasons. Ebooks provide a great opportunity to repurpose great posts in a new, fresh platform that intrigues readers.

Competition is growing in the blogosphere every time a new blog domain is activated. In order to stay on top of trends, continue to build your reader base and keep your current readers excited, you need to create and offer free ebooks.

You do not need to create any ebook, you need to create free ebooks that offer a long list of features to you and your readers, one that is built with HTML5, one that provides a digital experience to your readers rather than an average static ebook, and one that can be easily downloaded and shared.

free ebook

Discovering Tuscany in a Papermine ebook

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7 Reasons Why HTML5 is Good for Business


As tablet sales continue to skyrocket, you need to ensure that your content will be well adapted to any device. It is impossible to spend hours creating and curating content and also be expected to build your ebook or digital magazine specific to each device—be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

This is where HTML5 comes into play. It’s a new technology that’s used to power rich web-based programs and applications that can run on any web browser and any device.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) was invented in the 90′s to allow people to open and read documents from any type of computer (PC, Mac, Linux, etc.), so that they could easily share and edit information. It now powers the vast majority of the Web.

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O’Reilly’s TOC Conference NY: Videos, Quotes and Takeaways


This year’s theme was Connect, Explore, Create—The Future of Publishing. Even the chandelier looked futuristic.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.09.07 PM

We all seem to be hearing the same thing, that ‘this is the best time to be in publishing.’ I’ve heard it and read it everywhere, even on some About pages. The way we find, consume and share information has been evolving ever since the web has entered our lives. Maybe it is the best time in publishing because so much has happened lately, like Amazon getting the patent to resell digital goods. Even though there is speculation as to how Amazon will utilize their new right, it is still huge news in how the industry is evolving whether we agree with the patent or not.

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Online Publications Should Provide a Digital Experience

Have you noticed that most online publications are exact replicas of their printed counterparts… with no fine tuning for an optimum digital experience? You may have witnessed this in the corporate world or even in the self publishing realm.

A positive user experience is the gateway to happy customers, increased readership, followers, sales, etc. As far as the publishing industry has come in the last few years it is surprising to see that magazines, white papers, brochures, books and such are not as user-friendly as they can and should be.

Many print publications scan their material and upload it as a PDF to create a digital copy. In order to take advantage of interactive features, you can not afford to plainly offer scanned PDFs to your audience. It does not provide the best experience possible, especially since the text is treated as an image making it blurry when zoomed in when reading. Also, it does not take advantage of where the future of publishing is heading.

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